Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hidup...sumtimes full of colours, sumtime gloomy...sometime its pure white when ur blurry and dunno anything...huhu...dah lama xbercerita kan dalam page im quite blurr with my ownself, my own decision, my talks, my speach, my attitude, did i do it for something worth in the future or im just wasting my body outside there have the answer accept the ONE that guiding and managing the world, Thanks to allah, Kehidupan aku kini dipenuhi warna2, eventhough some time its quit blurry..but sumtimes it clear and make me happy...cinta...selalunye org kate warna merah...and its true that love its red...brothers pun pernah buat lagu berdasarkan colour tuh..heheh...yeah...i admit im in love..dah setahun my relation ship, but there so many up and down...and its the way of life some time ur above...some time ur down to the earth...I love her so much..thanks for giving the light and the red colour to my life... Bout my study...thanx also to also to allah for giving me the opportunity to study well and score in my examination..eventhough x bpe nak bgus result tuh...tapi im happy i not repeating any subject, my gurl always give me the support to do well...huhu~

The reason i membebel back in my blog ni b'coz im confused with my ownself...did i make the rite decision? i think i am...but people always make my decision became blurry to my self...why the people did not accept what they done is wrong and say sorry...and why im not satisfied on the answer and what people just did? Is it my problem and i need to see the counselor? or im taking the thing so seriously? a relation ship based on my perspective are as follows:

1) Trust
2) Each other attitude
3) Believe to each other
4) Positive thinking and never think negative to ure partner
5) Timbang Rasa dan communication...

without the 4 factors above i think my relationship will never become! terlalu penting untuk mempercayai pasangan, even were dunno either it is true or not kejujurun die terhadap kite but for me...slagi yg buruk tu xberlaku dpn mata kite...i always trust my partner..second is attitude...if with me, the attitude during ur past life will be changed...ure are the person that is not the same during the past life when ure with me...i will try to change u until ure the way that i wanted u to be eventhough can change all but all the serius part already changed..thanks to god i will love u forever..Believe to each other...hmm god knows how crazy i am with her...its only her talk that i believe..but if not...aku hentam je soalan2 maut biar die tertiarap jawab sendiri...HUHU... (+) thinking...hmmm on these part...i've always thinking positive even there is difficuties...hope she will too, even its hard but im trying...huhuhu timbang rasa and communication tu sume org xyah describe byk2 kowt..huhu..

rasa nye ni je for bz but still have time to merepek coz dah xley pendam...hehehe till next time...ciowz~

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